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Founded by the 700 participants who joined the 1° European Convention (Arezzo, November 2003) together to discuss the evolution of mental health problems, by the comparison of the Models developed by psychotherapy and research in the last decades, in Europe and in the rest of the world.


Thanks to this, it came clear how the European researchers were able to set up advanced treatment protocols for particular pathologies and also the formulation of communicative techniques that extremely increased their efficacy and efficiency, both in clinical and organizational context. The pragmatic application of the strategic and systemic approach to human interactions has revealed the high efficiency and efficacy of the operative model in the resolution of interactive and psychopathological problems without the use of medication


The scientific importance of this work was so significant to bring us to to create a network called “Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy Network”, which they involved the most renowned exponents, who were committed to amplify the researches to an international level and compare the models to different cultures and social context, to simplify the publications and set up meetings in order to create a professional élite with the aim of developing and devulging knowledge derived from the evolution of Brief Strategic & Systemic Therapy.


Professor Giorgio Nardone, Director of Centro di Terapia Strategica di Arezzo, was elected unanimously as Network Coordinator.




  • to help individuals, families and human systems (such as organisations, associations, groups) which are faced by difficukties that limit their possibilities and potential;
  • to organise at least one every three years an international conference to present the most advanced research both in communication and therapeutic field;
  • to offer to the Network members the latest “know how” regarding brief therapy acquired from the most advanced intervention-research with the aim of identifying always more efficient and effective treatments.
  • to identify communication and problem solving models which can lead to rapid and effective change, necessary in organisational systems.




We have created an international web consisting in 1.300 members in 36 states, professionals from private and publc research, training and intervention sectors.


The publication ONLINE of “Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy European Review” (ISSN 1826-3992) divulgated for free all over the world, in order to spread the most important researches notes and stimulate the interactions between training, practice, theory and research




Participant to the Conference will automatically hold the right to become Network Members.
This membership is free of charge in order to avoid creating lobbying and close loops, often encountered in similar associations


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