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The 2° World Conference of
Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy

The magic of words and gestures

(15 - 19 Oct. 2014 )


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Founded by 700 participants present at the 1st European Conference (held in Arezzo in November 2003) that, gathered for four days, analysed the evolution of mental health problems, by comparing Models that psychotherapy practicing, together with the research, had developed in recent decades in parallel in Europe and abroad.

Thanks to that comparison it was clearly highlighted as some researchers had developed advanced treatment Protocols for specific pathologies, as in the formulation of Communication techniques that dramatically increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatments, in organizational and clinical contexts. The pragmatic application of the strategic and systemic approach to  human interactions revealed as it is among the most effective operational models to solve interactive and psychopathological problems without any medication.

Realizing the scientific relevance and the importance that all this could mean, they decided to create a network called "Network of Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy", involving the most illustrious exponents to broaden the research at international level and compare Models in different social contexts and cultures, facilitate publications, organize meetings in order to create an élites of professionals with the aim to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge derived from the development of Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy.

On that occasion Prof. Giorgio Nardone, Director of Centro di Terapia Strategica in Arezzo was elected unanimously Network Coordinator.


  • helping people, families and all those human systems (organizations, associations, groups) that faces with suffering and/or with difficulties limiting their chances
  • organize at least once every three years an international conference for the submission of more advanced research in the field of Communication and in the therapy of mental and behavioral disorders
  • offering to members of the Network the most recent acquisitions relating the major theme of brief therapy, advanced research, to identify always shorter and effective treatments
  • communicative Models and problem solving that quickly trigger the necessary change within organizational systems

Prof. Giorgio Nardone

Coordinator of

"Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy World NETWORK"


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